Sweet Note Desserts VIP Membership






How can I join the Program?

Bring 5 fully stamped Sweet Note Desserts Stamp cards (9 stamps on each card) to the shop; fill out a membership form.

Can I use redeemed stamp cards to apply for the VIP membership?

Yes, no problem

Shop policies

Why is there a 2-hour sitting time limit?

Rushing customers enjoying their treats is definitely a no-no at Sweet Note Desserts. This policy applies ONLY when there is a wait. With this friendly reminder, the waiting customers would be able to know approximately how long would it take for the next available table. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

Is Wi-Fi available at Sweet Note Desserts?

Yes, we do have free Wi-Fi service for our customers.

General Info

What size of cake should I get?

Our whole cakes come in regular size range of 6”, 8” and 10”. 

For rich and dense cakes such as cheesecakes and chocolate cakes, a 6” is good enough for 8-10 people; 14 sensible servings for the 8” and the 10” cake  serves 18 people.

For our meringue decker cakes, as they might not be able to be portioned as precisely as regular cakes, a 6” cake is recommended for 6 people; 8” cake serves 8 and 10” cake serves 10.

Any recommended storage tips?

We recommend consuming our goodies within 2 days upon purchase  (within the same day for Meringue Deckers).

Please keep whole cakes in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Cupcakes and macarons can be refrigerated for 3 days in the original packaging; take them out from the fridge 10-15 mins before serving.

Our MOCHI bites will give the best texture when they are either at room temperature or slightly warm. Try reheating them in the microwave at medium power level for about 10 seconds before enjoying.

Do all of your products contain nuts and gluten?

We have a couple of products that aren’t using any gluten and nut. Please note that we do not prepare them in a gluten-free/nut-free environment. If you have severe gluten/nut allergies, we suggest that you use your own discretion when consuming our products.

Please note that our kitchen is NOT a nut-free and gluten-free environment.Unless specify, our products contain dairy, eggs, gluten, soy and nuts.

Any recommended storage tips?

We recommend consuming our goodies within 2 days upon purchase (an hour for Meringue Deckers).


Bulk Order

What is your definition of bulk order? Do you offer bulk discount?

Bulk order at Sweet Note Desserts means order in large quantity towards our existing product range. Depending on which product you are ordering, different products have different minimum order quantities E chart. Bulk discount is available. Please contact us for details.

Advance Order


I want to buy a birthday cake but didn’t place an order in advance, can you help me?

For special occasions, we recommend you place the cake order 2 days inadvance in order to avoid disappointment. In most of the time, we prepare a couple of whole cakes for “emergency” situations, do call us and see whether we have something ready for you. An edible message plaque and candle are complimentary with purchase of our whole cake.

I’m looking for something unique but don’t want to spend a fortune on custom made items, any suggestions?

Most of our products can be easily gift wrapped or “dressed up”. Within an affordable price range, sugar craft flowers, initials etc. can be added on cupcakes; or try mixing and matching French Macarons and baked goodies as a gift set. Our signature milk bottle desserts are cute and unique enough for any special occasions just the way they are!